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Chang Industrial’s IP Studio to Power the World’s First Hybrid Industrial Snowblowers in Partnership with Kodiak Technologies and Roush

Check out the full press release at Yahoo Finance, Seeking Alpha, or MorningStar.

Chang Industrial, in collaboration with Kodiak Technologies and Roush, is set to revolutionize the industrial snowblower market with the introduction of the world's first hybrid industrial snow removal equipment. The development of this new equipment, scheduled for delivery in 2025, aims to meet sustainability goals set for 2030 and significantly expand the already growing North American industrial snowblower market.

Leveraging Kodiak America's core technology and expertise in diesel-powered snow removal equipment, the team led by Chang Industrial, Kodiak Technologies, and Roush is developing an electric vehicle (EV) model that utilizes federal and state incentives to accelerate its deployment. This groundbreaking EV technology will be showcased at the 2024 International Snow Symposium, followed by educational webinars to assist airport operators in preparing grant applications and securing pilot demonstration opportunities in early 2025.

The introduction of clean power for industrial snow removal is expected to have a profound impact on the industry, enabling ESG initiatives, reducing operating costs, and enhancing reliability. The collective team aims to deliver the hybrid equipment to airports and government agencies, revolutionizing the market and driving economic benefits.

Check out the full press release at Yahoo Finance, Seeking Alpha, or MorningStar.


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