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America's Most Powerful Battery Electric Vehicle to Enter America's Airports, Thanks to Kodiak Technologies, in Partnership with Chang Robotics and Roush

Check out the full press release at Yahoo Finance, Seeking Alpha, or MorningStar.

Kodiak Technologies, in partnership with Chang Robotics and Roush, has announced the development of the world's most powerful industrial Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV). Unveiled at the recent Snow Symposium in Buffalo, NY, this American-made heavy-duty Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) is designed for commercial and industrial snow removal. The innovative vehicle, which boasts power output surpassing that of traditional diesel engines, is poised to transform airport operations and snow removal processes. More than 35 airports are in discussions to adopt these cutting-edge vehicles, with a premiere anticipated in early 2025.

The new vehicle’s design incorporates both pure battery electric and series hybrid options, ensuring versatility and reliability even in areas lacking advanced charging infrastructure. Capable of moving 7,000 tons of snow per hour at 25 MPH, this snow blower meets FAA minimum requirements and is eligible for federal grant programs under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Kodiak Technologies’ innovative approach leverages its existing customer relationships and introduces a platform that can be adapted for various heavy-duty applications.

Following its presentation at the FAA Snow Symposium, the vehicle has garnered significant interest from over 100 airport operators and numerous government departments. Early responses highlight the groundbreaking nature of this collaboration, which sets a new standard for sustainable heavy-duty vehicles. As the first completed vehicle approaches its demonstration phase later this year, Kodiak Technologies is poised to lead a new era in industrial EV equipment, backed by substantial federal and municipal incentives.

Check out the full press release at Yahoo Finance, Seeking Alpha, or MorningStar.


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